Resources to help you grow in your faith and ministry

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In Times of Trouble: Devotionals to
Encourage and Strengthen You

As a pastor, and while a parole officer, I have been faced with ministering in very difficult situations; terminal illness, death, suicidal depression, overwhelming financial problems, those facing substantial time incarcerated in prison, and more. I have often thought it would be wonderful to have something to place in the hands of those suffering through these times, additional words of comfort.

This collection of 30 devotionals is the result of being asked to minister — again — in a very difficult situation.

If you’re going through difficulties or troubles of any kind, these devotionals will encourage your heart and strengthen you. You will want to read and reread them as you travel the path before you.

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The New Pastors Training Manual

The New Pastor’s Training Manual has the practical basics for officiating Funerals, the Lord’s Supper, Baptisms, Weddings. Also included are miscellaneous ministry helps for hospital visitation, counseling, prayer, and sermon preparation. The manual includes 117 articles on six topics: The Call to Preach, Prayer, The Word of God, Spiritual Warfare, Effective Ministry, and Evangelism.

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Biblical Help for Overcoming Sexual Addictions

Overcome your sexual addiction through the power of God. The Living Word of God has the power to defeat your addiction. If you want God’s help, He can and will help you! God’s resources of Prayer, Bible and Church will empower you to overcome your addiction.

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The Addictions Kit: Biblical Help for Addictions

The Addictions Kit provides practical Biblical steps to defeat your addiction that actually work. This book provides Biblical information for the defeat of every addiction.

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