Leave it There

Psalm 37:5, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

Are you covered up with problems, adversities, and tribulations? The Psalmist says, “Commit….” A commitment is a decision that we must make to trust our lives, complete with heartaches and problems and everything else, to the Lord. Which means that we give all of that to the Lord, and if we give it to Him, we don’t take it back. Trust, means to trust whether the answer comes immediately, or it takes years, or even if we never see the answer we want. But when we commit ourselves to God, and trust like that, then we will have peace in the midst of the storm.

An old hymn called “Leave It There” by Charles A. Tindley puts it like this:

“If your body suffers pain and your health you can’t regain,
And your soul is almost sinking in despair,
Jesus knows the pain you feel,
He can save and He can heal –
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.”

Why not take your burdens to the Lord even now, and leave them there?

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