Some Terrible Thing

Have you ever wondered if you were capable of doing some terrible thing? The truth is that every person is capable of doing evil. I know that it is only the restraining power of God that has kept me from doing some terrible thing.

None of us want to bring embarassment to our friends, family, or community. None of us want to intentionally hurt someone else. But the truth is that life changing and life devastating decisions are often made in the whim of an instant. The decisions of an instant have ruined many a life.

There is, however, one thing that will keep you from doing some terrible thing, and at the same time propel you forward to your highest potential in life. That one thing is to be a friend of Jesus. Jesus says in John 15:15 “…I call you not servants…but I have called you friends.”

I know why I’m not in prison today for doing some terrible thing. It’s because I have a friend, and that friend’s name is Jesus. If we know Jesus as our personal Savior, He is our friend. But on the basis that we maintain human friendships, could Jesus call you His friend?

(How you can keep from doing some terrible thing.)

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