Hear God’s Call

How does someone become a pastor? First I would say that God must call that person to ministry. But beyond that I often ponder how God was able to transform my life into what it is now. Looking back thirty years it is beyond my wildest dreams or imaginations that I am a pastor now and thirty years ago I would have been shocked at the suggestion.

Others have also found it strange that I would be preaching God’s Word. A high school classmate’s mother once told Jeanie (my wife) that of the people in her son’s class, she thought that I would have been the least likely one to become a preacher. I grew up on a farm, but in high school I became a lead guitarist in a rock group and continued until I was married. My goals in life at one point were very simple, I wanted to be a great guitar player and make a lot of money. Even after I was no longer in a rock group my primary goals in life were still materialistic.

Several weeks after I was married something happened that changed my life. I had an encounter with the living God, He saved my soul and began the process of transforming my life. This transformation process didn’t happen overnight, and is still far from complete. But I know that the hand of God has been upon my life and He has changed me. My goals are now very, very different than they were 30 years ago. Now I want to serve God and see the lives of others touched in the way He has touched me. Where God will lead from here? I don’t know, but I do know that being in the center of His will is the very best place to be. Even if the center of God’s will for my life is to be a preacher.

What about you? Have you ever had an encounter with the living God? If not you can have! I know that God has a great and wonderful plan for your life. Why not let Him give you a life and an eternity beyond your wildest dreams? Jesus said, I am come that they (you) might have life, and that they (you) might have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

(You may not think that it is possible but God can change your heart, your dreams, and your entire life.)

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