…the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out. – John 6:37b.

How would like to be Dallas Hill, Jr.? He applied for the AT&T Universal credit card and his application was rejected. The company because of a glitch in its computer system sent Dallas not just one rejection, but 2,986 rejection letters. You have to wonder if Dallas will ever apply for another credit card after such a massive rejection?

Most of us have experienced rejection in one form or another. Many of us know the pain of rejection after a job interview. Sometimes the pain is delivered quickly on the spot, and other times we have to wait for weeks for the rejection letter to arrive. Some of us have been fired or laid off from a job, while others continued their employment. Many have experienced the rejection and pain of divorce whether for the adults involved or for the children. Rejection comes in many forms, and we can count on it knocking on our door several times during our lifetime.

How do you respond to rejection? For some it means a downward spin into depression, which takes weeks, months, or even years to end. For others rejection, does not seem to affect them, and they continue on as if nothing happened. How can you recover from rejection? Acceptance from other people is based on our behavior, and upon that own person’s worldview. However, acceptance from God is based on faith. God accepts all those who come to Him in faith through Jesus Christ.

Let’s consider for a moment the person or institution that has rejected you. A thousand years from now will their opinion really matter? A thousand years from now the only opinion that will matter is that of God. And God has promised what to those who have come to Him? He has promised to never, ever reject them. No matter what failure you may experience, God will never cast you out. Having this as a point of reference in our lives will help us to recover from rejection by keeping it in the proper perspective.

Whenever we are rejected, let us always remember that there is One who will never reject us.

(How to respond to rejection.)

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