A Gift from God

Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the LORD. – Proverbs 19:14.

Michael Spearman and Akima Carolina had a little argument because Michael had forgotten his Bible. Michael thought that his girlfriend, who was driving, would turn around and go back home so he could pick up that Bible. However, for whatever reason Akima refused to do it. Michael then threatened to kill Akima and her sister who was also in the vehicle with them. When Akima continued to refuse to return home, Michael grabbed and jerked the steering wheel. This caused their GMC Denali to shoot across several lanes of traffic with Akima losing control and then it rolled several times. By the time, the police had arrived Akima and Michael had both taken off leaving the sister behind who was uninjured. Michael is 31 years old and Akima is 36.

It seems incredible that something like a forgotten Bible would result in an accident that could have taken three lives or possibly even more! We have to wonder if Akima and Michael are still together? If so, what will happen next? Please pray for them.

Today is a special day for Jeanie and me. Today, we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and I knew when we married that Jeanie was indeed a gift from God. However, I had no idea of how truly amazing and blessed I was to receive this gift. Reading the story about Akima and Michael made me realize even more, how precious Jeanie is to me.

The writer of Proverbs says that a “prudent wife is from the Lord.” The dictionary defines “prudent” as “Wise in handling practical matters; exercising good judgment or common sense” and “Careful about one’s conduct; circumspect.” Over the years, Jeanie has proven herself to be the embodiment of prudence in the best sense of the word. In some ways, she was the opposite of myself and was a restraining force upon me. Although I never did anything as stupid as Michael Spearman, I’ve had my own moments of stupidity. Through the years, I have found that Jeanie’s prudence has become a part of my own life and value system. Only God could have done such a thing.

Where did Jeanie’s ability to be a prudent wife come from? It was from her knowing the Lord as her Savior and seeking His guidance for her life.

We may not have been blessed with a “prudent” wife, or husband, or parents, or even friends, however, we have a God who would love to show us how to have this quality in our lives. As we follow the Lord God through each day of our lives He will develop, shape, and mold an inner beauty within us that will be a gift to all we encounter in our lives.

Let us begin now to be that gift of God to everyone we encounter.

(A good wife is a precious gift from God Himself.)

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