Merry Christmas!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Wrather family!!

We are still living at Sweetwater, OK and Ed will soon begin his twelfth year (not including the first pastorate of 4 1/2 years) as pastor of the Baptist church here. The Sweetwater skyline has changed from drilling rigs to windmills with 43 now operating just to the north of town.

Jeanie began working full-time again this year and she is looking forward to tax season (ha!). She is always busy at church leading children’s church and children’s programs including our Christmas program.

Nick is living at home with us and keeps busy with listening to music, watching music dvds, drawing, and taking care of our two cats (George and McCain. Obama, Hilary, and Bill sadly lived very short lives.). Nick is blind in his left eye from a detached retina. He had a surgery last year and may have to have another this year.

Clark and his family are still living at Broken Bow, OK where he is the pastor of the First Baptist Church. We are very proud of our three grandsons: Madison, Mason, and Max.

Ed is still writing the Burning Bush Devotional when he can and maintaining the Burning Bush website at  You can also find Ed on facebook, myspace, and twitter.

With Our Love,

Ed, Jeanie & Nick

(The 2009 Wrather family Christmas letter.)

Visitor Comments from old website:
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Posted By GREGG on December 27, 2009
I am sure happy to hear your family is doing well. I do look for your devotions when they come. I do receive the moody today and daily bread but yours was the first one I started getting when I came back to the Lord. It has a special place in my heart. God Bless you and your family.
Gregg Mathes
Valleyford WA

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