Merry Christmas from the Wrather Family!!

Time has fast forwarded to the year 2013, and Ed has retired from full-time ministry as of the end of 2012. Jeanie has also retired from full-time work. But we have not retired from ministry! Ed is still preaching most Sundays since his voice is now well and the devotional is still being sent.

We are enjoying living back on the farm where Ed grew up south of Canute, OK. Much work still to be done here although we have made some progress. Nick enjoys living here since it is a familiar place for him with many memories. We still have George the cat, and George is an inside cat which Nick very much enjoys. For Jeanie, it has now been more than two years since her surgery to remove a large cancerous ovarian tumor. We praise God! that Jeanie is still cancer free after the surgery and chemo.

Our oldest son Clark and his family have been living in Yukon, OK since July 2012 when he accepted the call to be the pastor of the First Baptist Church there. Clark’s three sons, Madison, Mason and Max are all enjoying their new home and schools. The boys are all involved in a broad range of activities. Our Daughter-in-Law, Libby, is enjoying teaching in Yukon Schools.

We pray all is well in your lives and that you have a most blessed Christmas and New Year!!

Merry Christmas!!

Ed, Jeanie

& Nick

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