America’s Downward Spiral

Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people. – Proverbs 14:34 NKJV.  

Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. – Psalm 12:1 NKJV.  

Ben Carson says America is in a downward spiral because “we have abandoned God.” Carson also said: “It was our Judeo-Christian values that allowed this to be an exceptional country, that allowed us to move forward so incredibly quickly and as we abandon God, you can see that we are spiraling downward just as quickly.” (A Google search for this will give results for multiple articles.)  

Justice Antonin Scalia said this in 2013: “To the extent that the country is in a downward spiral, it’s not because of the law, it’s because of the people. You can’t have a good country without good people. I fear we have lost some of the virtues that characterized Americans in the past.” (The Daily Revielle 10.13.13 – Q & A at Baton Rouge Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society)  

According to the Christian Examiner (07.01.2012) polls show morality in America is on a “disappointing downward spiral.” Gallup polls revealed that more than 50% of America believed homosexuality was morally acceptable, believed having a baby outside of marriage is morally acceptable, and 38% believed abortion was morally acceptable.  

An article by Carol Brooks, “What Happened When the Praying Stopped” gives statistics as to the moral downward spiral in America since 1962. Here are a few of them:  

“Since 1963 violent crime has increased 544%. Illegal drugs have become an enormous and uncontrollable problem. The nation has been deprived of an estimated 30 million citizens through legal abortions just since 1973.” Read more at:  

Billy Graham wrote this in 2012: “Some years ago, my wife, Ruth, was reading the draft of a book I was writing. When she finished a section describing the terrible downward spiral of our nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping false gods such as technology and sex, she startled me by exclaiming, ‘If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.’” In the same letter Graham wrote: ‘Yet the farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control.’”   

Psalm 12:1 describes what is occurring in America with those faithful to the God of the Bible disappearing, “Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men.” Without faithful believers who are the “salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” immorality is without restraint.   

America has been exalted among the nations and along with that exaltation has come God’s protection. As sin has become more and more a “reproach” there is less of God’s protection. As sin increases, evil increases and more attacks upon America are successful. It is the same in an individual’s life. If we turn away from God we will find ourselves in a downward spiral with our lives falling apart. The solution for our country and individually is to turn back to God. When we turn back to God, He will begin to bring healing, putting things back together in our country and our lives. 

 How low do we have to go? How bad does it have to become before we turn back to God?   

What can we do if we personally are in a downward spiral? James 4:7-8 tells us what to do, Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”  

What can we do to stop the downward spiral of America? As Christians, to the best of our ability we must stand for what is right, what is the straight principled way of God. Will we fear what man can do? Or, will we stand up for our God? They hate us, because they hate God. They hate the light that exposes the evil, which condemns them. May we do all we personally can to shine the truth of God across this country. May we pray without ceasing for the people to turn back to God, for there to be revival before it is too late, before judgment comes, and our future as a nation is destroyed.

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