True Love

And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment. – Philippians 1:9. 

Charles Dicken’s in his “Child’s History of England” tells of the romance of Thomas a Becket’s parents. Gilbert Becket was a London merchant in the 11th century. While on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he was taken prisoner by a Saracen lord who had a beautiful daughter. The girl fell in love with Gilbert and expressed a desire to become a Christian, escape with him, and become his wife. Gilbert seemed to return her love until he found a chance to escape with Richard, his servant.

Once he was back in England, Gilbert’s love for the beautiful Saracen maid began to grow dim until he all but forgot about her. But while his love was decreasing, her love was increasing. She left her father’s home in disguise to follow Gilbert and made her way to the coast. 

Gilbert had taught her two English words,

“London” and “Gilbert” She went from ship to ship saying over and over the name of the city where she so desperately wanted to go. She found a ship going to London and with some of her jewels paid for her passage. She soon arrived in London.

As Gilbert was sitting in his office one day his servant, Richard, came running in saying, “The Saracen lady! As I live, she is going up and down calling out, Gilbert! Gilbert!” Gilbert went out and found her in the crowds. When she saw him, she fainted in his arms. Soon afterwards they were married.

Distance can sometimes destroy a love affair. But true love will overcome whatever the obstacle. Do we have a true love for our Lord? A love that is increasing day by day? We should pray as Paul prayed for the Philippians that our “love may abound still more and more….”

(This devotional has been updated and was originally written and sent by email on 01.12.1999.)

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