The Key

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven… – Matthew 16:19a NKJV.

Some time ago now a tragedy occurred that could have been avoided. It happened at a Houston, Texas apartment complex. Two 15-month-old toddlers drowned. It need not have happened. Two men who were standing nearby the swimming pool were aware of what was happening, but they did nothing. When questioned by the police they could not give any reason for not trying to save the lives of the little children.

Of course, it is very hard to understand how someone could just stand by and let two small children drown. But what condition must our own hearts be in to let the days, months, years go by, aware that there are people we know who are lost. We are aware that if these people were to die, they would go to a terrible place called hell and once there they would never be able to leave. What kind of cold-hearted people are we if we do not reach out and share with them about Jesus?

What can you do? What can I do? The passage of Scripture in Matthew 16 says that Peter is given the keys to Heaven. What is the key to Heaven? The key to Heaven is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each one of us who have salvation knows the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have the key! We can use that key to open the door to Heaven for the lost to enter. How? By telling them about Jesus!

Who can you tell today?

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