Do You Have a Real Thirst?

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. – Matthew 5:6 NKJV.

We go to church, we pray, we read our Bibles, we may even witness but do we really have a hunger and thirst for righteousness? Does our hunger and thirst end when there is any cost involved?

In the book, Thunder in the Valley, which is a record of the amazing spiritual harvest in Africa in the 1980s, Gary Fold shares about at least one person who had a deep spiritual hunger. They were late for a preaching engagement at a bush church when they saw him. He was crawling on his hands and knees. At first, they thought he was injured but then realized he was handicapped. They found out later that polio had twisted his legs, and he had large calluses on his hands and knees.

When they stopped and asked the man where he was crawling to, they were astonished. The man was crawling to the bush church where Folds was scheduled to preach. But he was afraid he would be late. They took the man with them to the service. Gary Folds commented about this, “I would give anything if the people in my town were as dedicated and loved the Lord as much as that man. They’ve always got excuses why they can’t come to church in their air-conditioned cars with power brakes and power steering. They don’t have as much love for the Lord as that man: unwashed, uneducated, and crawling on his hands and knees.”

Do you have that kind of hunger? Willing to crawl for miles on your hands and knees to a church service? If not, why not ask the Lord to revive you and fill you with a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

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