Too Busy

My times are in your hands. – Psalm 31:15a NKJV. 

We rush and hurry, trying to do everything. With the rush and the hurry our adrenaline level increases causing blood pressure to increase along with other harmful effects to our health. Many are so busy they just do not seem to have time for God. Most of us have been there at times. Rushing to get ready for work. What to wear? Thinking about the day ahead. Getting the kids ready for school. 

How do you fit in a quiet time when things are so far from being quiet? Of course, evenings could be the solution with the kids asleep and problems all solved for the day. But it is hard to have a quiet time when you fall asleep from exhaustion or have thoughts constantly roaming your mind from the day you have gone through. We sing the hymn, Sweet Hour of Prayer, and sometimes I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. How many really are praying for an hour a day much less “pray without ceasing?”

So, what is the solution or is there one? I don’t have it but there is One who does. Who invented time? In whose hands are the times of our lives? God! How can God possibly do anything to improve my schedule or organize my life? God is the master scheduler, the master organizer. Why do I say that? He created the universe, world, all creation on a schedule that would be a nightmare for anyone else. Six days and rested on day seven. Right on schedule and everything worked! 

How can God do anything with our lives? You may be thinking it would take a miracle, but you have to remember our God is a God of miracles. He is used to making the impossible into the possible. How? I don’t know, He just does.

The bottom line is that if we trust God with our time by investing in prayer, bible reading and study, church attendance, and service the time will not be lost. Instead, God will add time back to our lives by organizing and improving our lives. Quality will be increased. God was an expert at quality time long before it became popular. Our energy level will be increased, and our health will improve from what it would have been without God. When you are too busy to pray, too busy to read His Word, too busy to go to church, some would say you are too busy. The truth is those are the times when you need to pray even more, read His Word more, be even more faithful in church attendance. Try it. He will not disappoint you!!

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