Sustaining Faith

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16 KJV.

Several years ago, my Dad gave me a small New Testament that had belonged to my great grandmother (Frances Elizabeth Raynes Campbell Wrather). The Testament was very worn but still in one piece. As I looked through it I noticed that verses had been underlined with a pencil. I began to look for and to read the verses that she had underlined. As a result, I have a much better picture of the faith and life of my great grandmother. One of the verses she had underlined was John 3:16.

As I found out more about the life of my great grandparents their faith has come to mean more to me. Frances and my great grandfather (Draper) knew about tragedy. Frances’ first husband had passed away only a short time after their marriage. Draper’s first wife had also passed away a short time after their marriage. 

After Draper and Frances married, they had a large family. But because of tough economic times in the early 1900s trying to scratch a living out of the earth, part of their family had to live with relatives. Draper’s daughter who was from his first marriage died when she was 16. Frances’ son who was from her first marriage died when he was 19.

John 3:16 has stood the test of time as has the entire Bible. For as long as the Word of God has been available people have been turning to it for strength to sustain them during the tough times of life. There is nothing this world has to offer that can give us what the Word of God can give us. It gives us in the midst of trouble: strength, peace, joy, love, hope, patience, kindness, goodness, temperance (self-control), and, much more. 

The faith of our fathers and mothers is a proven faith. Their faith is a faith that carried them through tough times and will carry us through as well if we will put our trust and hope in the Lord Jesus. As John 3:16 says we must believe in Him.

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